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Y.M. T-shirt and Production Company (Y.M.T.) has been in the garment production for over 10 years in Hong Kong. We specialize in all kinds of T-shirts, garment printing and uniform manufacturing. Quality of products is our main focus and so we put a lot of effort in continuously improving our design, technology, quality control, and production management.

We have our own factory and production chain to support our garment products. We welcome to cooperation with various organizations, schools, churches, fashion and personal design. Provide a one-stop garment production services, available in digital printing, screen printing, heat transfer, stamping and embroidery services. Even small quantities also welcome and available. Therefore we can undoubtedly offer reasonable price and maintain our best quality to cater for huge projects, such as promotional products or gifts in bulk. 

Y.M. T-shirt and Production Company (Y.M.T.) looking for a long-term partnership and great importance to different client. If you have any enquiries, quotation or need more information.

Please email or call :  info@ymtee.com Tel :3996-9144

Y M T-Shirt and Production (Hong Kong) 

電話: (852) 3996 - 9144

電郵 : info@ymtee.com

地址 : 九龍紅磡民裕街30號興業工商大廈4A1室

Room 4A1, 4/F,Summit Building, 30, Man Yue Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong



A/C No.     :786-037929-883 (Y M T SHIRT & P CO)


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